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Join Our Sales Team – Unleash Your Potential in Real Estate!

Are you the one we’re seeking?

We’re on the lookout for Property Investment Advisors to amplify our Sales Team. We crave a self-disciplined go-getter with a burning passion for real estate.

The Perfect Fit:

Ahoy, Aviation and Sales professionals! Your skills are coveted. Bring your mojo – an entrepreneurial spirit and love for the real estate realm. Master of Time-Management, with organizational wizardry up your sleeve. Rev up with a UAE Driving license – it’s a shiny plus. Paint your conversations with the hues of exceptional interpersonal skills. Ever danced with CRM tools like Salesforce, Bitrix, Amo, Zoho? High-five if you have! Duties Unveiled:

Script your daily action saga with ambitious goals. Craft property listings like a maestro – networking, site quests, chilly calls, and powwows. Pop up those property dates with potential clients, jot their wishes, and chase up. Champion the ‘Law & Order: Document Edition’ – stay legal, folks! Play matchmaker – decode client vibes, dazzle them with options, and seal the deal. Serve up candid feedback and honor ethics like your sidekick. Our Offerings:

Roll in the commissions – earn till your heart’s content! Strap in for the real estate ride – 1-month turbocharged training included. Step into the spotlight with our lead-gen magic and property portal prowess. Get the visa, RERA know-how, and a parade of commission perks. Bag exclusive projects – your ticket to skyrocketing earnings.


  1. Guide clients on asset use: Recommend selling, buying, or renting properties for income.
  2. Inform about market trends: Provide insights on neighborhoods and regions.
  3. Present property options: Share listings with descriptions and visuals.
  4. Assess property value: Analyze markets and conduct appraisals.
  5. Advise on financing: Suggest suitable financial options.
  6. Manage projects: Coordinate professionals for timely construction.
  7. Negotiate deals: Represent clients in property transactions.
  8. Optimize investments: Identify prospects based on market trends.
  9. Evaluate financials: Assess client capacity to purchase or maintain properties.

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